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Counter Culture Management CEO Saves Texas Southern University's Homecoming

In the heart of Houston, the rhythm of excitement was abruptly disrupted when Texas Southern University decided to cancel its annual Homecoming Concert. However, for Counter Culture Management's Founder and CEO, Trey Sanders, this wasn't just disappointing news—it was a call to action.

Fresh from a transformative summer internship in Los Angeles, Trey, a proud Texas Southern University alumni, couldn't stand idly by as the vibrant tradition of the Homecoming Concert faded away. Armed with passion and determination, Trey embarked on a mission to resurrect the spirit of the concert that was at the core of TXSU's culture.

The Hustle Begins:

With only a month until homecoming, Trey wasted no time. He crafted compelling pitch decks and reached out to entertainment companies, seeking collaboration to salvage the concert. Despite encountering challenges and respectful declines from many corporate contacts due to the tight timeline, Trey pressed on.

A Breakthrough with Warner Records:

Amidst the uphill battle, a beacon of hope emerged. Trey's pitch deck caught the attention of Warner Records—an industry giant willing to explore this ambitious collaboration. Seizing the opportunity, Trey swiftly engaged with Texas Southern University Student Services and the campus radio station 90.9 KTSU/The Vibe Radio.

The Student Outcry:

As word spread about the canceled concert, discontent brewed among the student body. The void left by the absence of the Homecoming Concert was palpable. Trey's relentless pursuit and unwavering dedication ignited a spark of hope among the disappointed students.

Making it Happen:

Weeks of tenacious follow-ups led to a pivotal meeting between Warner Records and Texas Southern University. Through Trey's hard work and commitment, an agreement was reached. Warner's developing acts would take the stage, opening up for none other than the sensational NLE Choppa. The announcement resonated across campus—TXSU was not only having a concert, but it was going to build a relationship with a major record label and TXSU.

A Win for TXSU and Counter Culture Management:

The revival of the Homecoming Concert became a resounding victory for Texas Southern University and Counter Culture Management. Trey's dedication to the project showcased Counter Culture's commitment to inspiring change in the music industry culture.

A Pledge to Houston's Musical Landscape:

This triumphant collaboration is just the beginning. Counter Culture Management vows to continue leveraging its extensive network in the music industry to bring extraordinary music opportunities and experiences to the Houston area. The beat goes on, and Counter Culture is here to ensure that the music never stops.